Have more detailed questions about Silviculture Operations on the Nipissing Forest?

Please contact Andy Straughan, Silviculture Planning Forester at (705)752-5430 ext 24 or click here to email him directly.

For current research related to the use of Glyphosate in forest management click here.

For a copy of NFRMs most recent Integrated Pest Management policy click here.

Click here to download Dean Thompson's recent Webinar related to the use of Glyphosate in forest management.

Herbicide Program for the 2019 Season

Annually NFRM Inc. prepares a detailed herbicide spray project plan that includes descriptions of the spray blocks and specific implementation plans for security, safety, and communications. MNRF's North Bay District reviews/approves these plans and participates, to some extent, in their implementation. To read these plans click here.


NFRM Inc. has compiled an index map illustrating the location of this year's aerial application and ground application programs. Please refer to the project numbers on the index map to find the corresponding Block Map below.

Index Map for 2019 Program

Block Maps

Once you have located your area of interest on the index maps above, please download the individual areas on our 8x11 inch pdf documents. Each file is under 1 megabyte in size, easily aquired with any high speed internet service.

2019 Program - Maps sorted by NFAT (Aerial Tending) and NFAS (Site Preparation) blocks on the Index Map

General Information related to herbicide use in Forest Management in the North Bay and Sudbury area can be found here.