More information is available related to the  approved 2009-2019 Nipissing Forest Management Plan on the Ministry of Natural Resource's eFMP site.

If you have questions or concerns please contact NFRM at (705)752-5430 or email.


The Annual Work Schedule map is available upon request.

NFRM will be implementing a Prescribed Burn in 2018

The prescribed burn plan will be available for inspection on the MNRF website, and at the Nipissing Forest Resource Management Inc. (NFRM) office and on its website here. The approved prescribed burn plan will remain available for public inspection until March 31, 2019 – the duration of the Annual Work Schedule.

The Nipissing Forest 2009-2019 Forest Management Plan was approved on March 25, 2009.

The FMP Summary text and map are available upon request. These products can also be downloaded from the links below.

FMP Summary Text (English)

FMP Summary Text (French)

FMP Summary Map

For more information contact Scott McPherson at 705-752-5430 ext: 23.