Forest Management Planning

Please find all available FMP and AWS products made available by NFRM via this site.

NFRM makes the forest management plan and associated documents available to the public via this site. It should be noted that amendments to the forest management plan are occuring often on a frequent basis. Documentation can change as a result, and not all changes can be updated on the site immediately. Please use the following FMP products as a guide for your area of interest on the management unit. If you have a detailed question or concern, contact NFRM staff for further information.

Contact the NFRM office at 705-752-5430 to arrange for a meeting or to have a map sent to you.

Forest Management Planning

Implementing the 2009-2019 Forest Management Plan

Nipissing Forest Resource Management is currently implementing the approved 2009 Forest Management Plan which applies a strategic direction for the 10-year period 2009-2019. The Plan contains two 5-year operational Phases. Phase 2 is now approved and the second 5-year operating term from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2019 will be implemented.

Click below for a detailed summary of the 2009-2019 FMP.

FMP Summary Text (English)               FMP Summary Text (French)

The approved 2009 Forest Management Plan is available in its entirety on the Ministry of Natural Resource's eFMP website.

Summary Map Operations

Summary Map Silvlculture

1:50,000 Scale Operations Map

To determine which map contains your area of interest, use the Harvest Area Index Summary map to select the appropriate mapsheet below.

Harvest Maps posted below are in a 1:50,000 scale format with file sizes of approximately 20 megs. If you are unable to access these files from the website, or If you would like to view operational scale mapping products please call our office to set up an appointment with one of our staff.


2009-2019 Forest Management Plan Phase I:

Summary of the Long Term Management Direction (8 Megs)

Plan Text

Plan Tables

Plan Supplemental Documentation

Summary Map - Harvest Areas (2 megs)